We love data and happy clients.
We are MIS by Crane! From Hungary with love!

Who we are?

Crane was a communication agency founded in Hungary in 2005 and specializing in direct marketing. As our clients and the market matured, we realized that data is the key to going from voodoo to thorough planning and reporting. We have focused our efforts on transforming our own company first, and started to offer data-based services from 2010. We have created our own platforms for data management based on Microsoft technologies, and there was no stopping after that. MIS was created in 2016 to align our best practices into a single marketing spend monitoring and intelligence framework. We are currently developing our own AI solutions to run on MIS.

In 2017, questions started to come from clients with different systems, on whether we could perform our magic on their infrastructure as well. Since we believe that data is universal and IT solutions are nothing important of themselves, just tools to manipulate them, we have become proficient in all the tools our client are using. We have learned and mastered Domo, Datorama, Azure technologies and the list goes on. That’s why we are confident when it comes to your IT solutions; the results will not be blocked by a mere system, if we want to achieve something together.

How can you work with us?

We are a team of 30, based in Budapest, and Dublin. We are currently serving clients from New York to Bucharest: working with faraway companies in different time zones is part of our daily life, so don’t be intimidated by the distance. When it comes to projects, we frequently travel and spend time at our clients’ offices, because we think personal interaction in these kinds of difficult projects is key. We provide dedicated teams for certain clients to ensure availability and quick delivery. We take on new clients gradually, to grow with the projects and be able to deliver in the same quality as we have done over the last 14 years.

Our leaders

Data is meaningless in itself. We come from marketing background, we know how to look into and utilize it properly.

Ákos Herdics
Data science
team leader


Zsolt Szepes
Marketing communication
team leader


György Huszics
CEO, Loyalty expert
and data enthusiast



When should you
work with us?

We thrive in dealing with difficult data issues. It takes courage and tenacity, and normally a lot of time compared to a few charts in Excel. Therefore, as a rule of thumb, we normally require our clients to have a marketing budget of at least 3 million EUR (or an equivalent value in different currency) a year that needs to be monitored. In our experience, we can achieve about a 10 % improvement in spending efficiency in the first year. We want you to be happy to save money, so this is the threshold we like to keep for us to work hard, and for you to be happy even after covering our costs. But if you think you have a bigger potential than just 10%, ask us anyway, we love a good challenge!