We are a marketing data company. We don’t sell software. We deliver and maintain solutions for your monitoring, visualization and optimization needs with regard to any marketing expenditure. Yes, that does include TV and events as well.

Monitoring and visualizing loyalty program data from all over Europe.

Datorama, Domo, Azure

Receiving and converting marketing data from over 50 sources and showing it near-real-time to improve spending efficiency. Offline data included.

Azure and PowerBI

Machine learning solutions to identify and visualize possible churn scenarios.

Dynamics, Microsoft Machine Learning Services and PowerBI

You are looking for us if…

Wework with exceptional clients and companies who already know that using data to help make the right decisions is hard. They choose us because they have heard these sentences too often in the past:

“Our system can’t do that”
“Sorry, you need to upgrade for proper support”
“This is your data, you should tell us what to do with it”
“We can do that by Q3 2022”

We don’t stick to a certain solution or software; you need experts in multiple fields. We identify your need and come up with a solution tailored specifically for you. You use Salesforce and Microsoft together? Great — we thrive where others say it can’t be done!

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How to work together?

1.  Get in touch.

2.  Our dedicated advisor contacts you to understand your situation and objectives.

3.  We come up with the perfect solution for you based on your existing IT infrastructure.

4.  We set up your solution and provide training on it in your office, wherever it may be.

5.  We continuously help you monitor, analyze and optimize your marketing data to save money and increase efficiency.

6.  Profit.

Sounds too simple? It is not like that; we are just experienced and efficient, which is why most of our clients have been working with us since the beginning in 2016.

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Our leaders

Data is meaningless in itself. We come from a marketing background; we know how to look into and utilize it properly.


Ákos Herdics
Data science
team leader


Zsolt Szepes
Marketing communication
team leader


György Huszics
CEO, Loyalty expert
and data enthusiast